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Dr Amah


* Understanding the Adolescents.

The relationship between adolescents and their parents, pastors, teachers and significant others has not been very cordial in most cases. This has been as a result of lack of proper understanding of all involved in the management of these youngsters. A proper understanding of the adolescent will help all concerned to appreciate their problems and accept them the way they are.

This book makes an attempt to help parents, pastors, youth workers and others involved with the adolescents to understand them. It even helps the adolescent to understand himself, which is a major variable to success.


* Steps to Successful Marriage.

Is it true that God created each man to marry a particular woman, failing which the man would be said to have married outside the will of God? How does a young man or woman discover the will of God in marriage? How does he/she conduct courtship, the traditional rites and the church wedding proper? These and many other questions have been addressed in this book. The author graciously added ten rules that may be followed by young couples to achieve and sustain marital happiness.



* Keeping Your Marriage.

Marriages suffer when people fail to understand certain basic principles governing the marriage. Most of the time friction in marriage occurs when partners dont their covenant responsibilities and where they do, the dont implement them.

This book outlines the responsibilities of husbands, wives, and in-laws. It deals with other very sensitive problem areas like finance and sex. It is a most for every couple and every would-be couple.