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Dr Amah


Boundaries are the limits you may not exceed; the heights you must not exceed. There are three significant factors that can set the boundary line in ones life. These factors determine how far we can go in life. They are circumstances, "others" and "you". Whatever anyone becomes in life largely depends on these factors.

CIRCUMSTANCES:  Your circumstances here speak of things happening around you. Your circumstances may be speaking against you; they may not be favourable. It could be that you dont have money to execute your dreams; it could be that you are not educated; it could also be that you are disabled. Whatever your circumstances are saying however doesnt allow them (your circumstances) to set your boundary lines in life.

OTHERS: Others here refer to people who are close to you, or whom you may have met at one time or the other in life. These could be: your parents, your teachers, your friends, your Doctor, colleagues in the office, even a bus conductor. All these (persons) may speak against you, work against you, telling you that you cant make it and that you are going nowhere in life.

They may give you the history of your father, how your father was a failure in life, how your mother could not stay in her husbands house, how your family member died young and how no one has ever succeeded in your family. I will want you to understand that you are "YOU"; you are neither your father, nor your mother, or any other member of your family. If they had failed in life, that is not a guarantee that you also must fail. So dont allow others to set the boundary lines in your life.

YOURSELFYou and you alone can determine the boundary lines in your life. How far you go in life will be determined by you alone. If you are to make progress in life, it lies on you. Jabez was born under terrible circumstances. His mother spoke against him. He did not allow his ugly circumstances or his mother to determine his boundary lines. He reset his boundary lines and as such instead of dying a pauper, he became more honorable than his brothers.

Helen Kelley lost her sight and hearing when she was just a year and seven months. The circumstances of blindness and deafness spoke against her. People told her she was finished, the boundary lines of her life were set, "a perpetual beggar" but Helen reset and adjusted her boundary lines. She overcame her disabilities and graduated from the University (Radcliff College) with honours and today she is an author, noted lecturer, and a champion even among able-bodied persons.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is another classic example. In 1921 at age 39, Franklin had a severe case of polio, which left him disabled, and in terrible pains. He never walked again without assistance. This was a circumstance that now spoke against his career as a politician. Other politicians also told him to forget about his political ambition. They told him that politics is stressful and that he couldnt cope with politics as a disabled man. Contrary to these, Franklin pursued his career vigorously and in 1929, just 8 years after, he was stroked by polio, at age 47 he became the governor of New York State. In 1932, three years later he was elected the President of the United State of America.

If God could do it for Jabez, Helen Keller and Franklin Roosevelt, He can do it for you. So dont allow any circumstance or anybody to set your boundary lines