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Some Of The Pupil's Aspirations!

I aspire to be a banker in future. I like saving a lot and hope to become very rich.
       Chigozie Emeni
        Pry.4 (9 yrs old)
I want to be a banker. Bankers dress cooperate and have lots of money to spend.
      Endurance Osagie.
       Pry. 4 (9 yrs old)
My dream is to be an Engineer. i would import mechanical and electrical parts from America to Nigeria.
                                                                                     Olugbenga Onabowale
                                                                                         Pry.4 (11 years old)
I aspire to become a doctor. I care for people a lot. My  heart bleeds when  ever i see disabled people and those that are discomfort
                                                                                             Ayobami Lasisi
                                                                                             Pry.4 (9 yrs old)
My goal in life is to become a doctor because i want to put smiles on those that are hopless.
                                                                                                 Faruk Yussuf.
                                                                                                 Pry. 4 (10 yrs)
My goal in life is to become a Mechanical Engineer.I want to be able to manufacutre things on my own like toys of different kinds.
                                                                                              Terry Oribabhor.
                                                                                               Pry. 5 (10 yrs)
I hope to become a Lawyer. I would defend those who are treated unjustly.
                                                                                         Chidera Kanu- ukwa
                                                                                         Pry. 3 (8 yrs)
My dream is to become a Chartered accountant so as to work in a vey big firm owned by Americans and controls lots of dollars.
                                                                                               Akinyemi Tosin
                                                                                                pry. 3 (9 yrs)
I want to be a well known industrialist. I would import and export goods all over the World and establish so many indutrials companies.]
                                                                                        Oyinkansola Memud
                                                                                        Pry 3. (9 yrs)

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