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The growing level of computer literatacy round the World has inproved the means of communication using the World Wide Web (W W W).Thanks the management of Abiolu nursery and primry school. Who introduced the computer club to be among the various clubs present in the school.

Abiolu computer club comprises of pupils who are trained and equiped with modern web technologies,so that they can be 90% in charge of the the school Web site for update of information,designing of articles ,playing games,career talk,improve the site and chart with other pupils around the world.It is all about bringing different kind of pupils together(creative pupil,intelligent,writter,comedian e.t.c) and teaching them all about the web. Which will bring them into the lime light of opportunities.

Club Members

It amazes the management of the school that majority of the student are from the lower class[Pry 2 and Pry 3].The following Names below are some of the current members:

Members At Work
Computer Lab


* Aduragbemi Kayode
* Tosin Akinyemi
* Paul Ndukuba
* Andrew Oni
* Saed Kudiri
* Shereef Popoola
* Solomon Ndukuba
* David Akinuli
* Terry Oribarbor
* John Meido
* David Famuyiwa

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