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AG - Mushin Section


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Plan Of Work

                                    AUGUST 2003

1.         Mission Day:                                                                   3rd August

2.         Mens Ministry/Royal Rangers:                                  10th August

            Venue:  Mushin Idi-Oro

3.         Youth Ministry Rally:                                                   24th August

4.         10th August; Local Communion.

5.         Children Week:                                                            11th 16th August

6.         Childrens Day:                                                             17th August

7.         Youth Ministry District Seminar/Conference:         23rd August



                                                            SEPTEMBER 2003

1.         Young Singles/Missionette                                 7th September

            Venue: Mushin Idi-Oro

2.         Sunday School Rally/Seminar:                           21st  September

            Venue: Papa-Ajao


                                                  OCTOBER 2003

1.         C.E.D. Rally:                                                                1st October

            Venue: Mushin idi-Oro

2.         Local Communion:                                                        20th October


                                     NOVEMBER 2003

1.         W. M. Rally/Seminar:                                                   23rd November

            Venue; Mushin Idi-Oro

2.         Water baptism/Communion:                                          16th November

            Venue: Mushin Idi-Oro