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The Need For Night Prayers
Matt 13vs24-25, Luke 18vs1-7


ne of the most difficult task a Christian have to carry out without ceasing as recommended by the Lord Jesus Christ is prayer.  For a Christian to be involved in prayer ceaselessly is not to favour God, rather such Christians favour his or herself! Some people had caught this secret and they are doing well in their endeavours while majority are lazing about, blaming man and God for their problems.

 Praying ceaselessly however may not be enough for praying Christian any longer, rather we should pray at a time when prayer is necessary, and such time is the night prayer.  If you are a Christian that prays at night, you are sure of winning your battle earlier than other Christian.  The book of Ecclesiastes declared that, to every thing, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Eccl. 3:1).

 It may interest you to know that, 90 percent of human problems are planned and executed in the night by the devil and his agents.  And such problems are best handled at night, through payers.  The witches, wizards, marine spirits, cult people, even armed robbers operate mostly at night; and to win battle over these creatures, you need to pay the price of for-going your sleep for some minutes or hours (s).  it si not new to pray all through the night.  The herbalist and the idol worshipers perform their rituals at night; and in the bible, most of the great people their battles at night.  If you fear inconveniences, devil will cheat on you and overcome you.  Night prayer does not kill, rather it strengthens you spiritually.

 In the present day Christianity, every successful Christian must be a night prayer warrior.  Beloved, have you taken a minute to know why all your former prayers yielded no positive result?  Then, through this message, you would have understood better.   Before now, you do pray only during the day, and spend about 9 hours to sleep all night; such fellow is always been manipulated in the spiritual world by the wicked ones!  We must take after Christ in al things, especially, in prayer which He always performed at night.

 God did ten (10) miracles in Egypt, only one was done at night, which finally free the children of Israel (Exodus 29:29).  Pharaoh and his magicians were caught unaware by God; they thought it is like every other miracle Moses performed, unknowing to them God was turning the night the hour of death for every first child of man and animal of the Egyptians.  And of course, Pharaoh and his people could not stand the terror of that night.  While God was passing over the Israelites to their promised land;  He was at the same time, passing through Egypt with death fo first born.

 Brethren, we must arise to night prayers, if we must witness success in  this year.  According to Luke 6: 12 Jesus went to the mountain to pray, and continued al night in prayer to God.  This shows that, night prayer is essentials to a Christian that need to win a battle.  Perhaps, Jesus would have found it difficult to die for you and I, if not the fervent night prayers; owing to the pain  he underwent at the cross of Calvary.  Isaiah prayed at night to God in Isaiah 26:9, With my soul have I desired thee in the night Paul and Silas in another development turned the prison into a Choir centre.  They prayed and sang praises to God at night and the prison doors open in their accord.  (Acts 20: 20 25).  Paul and Silas testimony also tells us to have night of praise only, and God would still perform the same miracles.

The bible also reveals that the early Christian prayed at night on behalf of Peter who supposed to be killed the next day, and the angel of God came to release Peter as if it was dream; even the people that prayed never believed it, but night prayer always caught the wicked people unprepared.  David is another example of a night warrior, (Ps. 42: 8; 63: 5-6: 4; 119:55). Brethren, take this matter serious and see the success you will record before the end of the year in Jesus name.  Amen.