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AG Ikate Section


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Wisdom Quotes

Rev S.A Oshodipe

* There is no better you than yourself.

* The great enemy of tomorrows success is todays success.

* Anytime you compare yourself with another, you lose your value.

* The size of the head does not determine the measurement of the brain.

* The bigger your vision, the bigger your size.

*Waiting time does not mean wasting time.

* Self-esteem is the amount of value you place on yourself.

* Gods treasures are hidden in the bushes of minor problems.

* To "MAKE IT" in life is not a matter of being mighty, but a bestowal of divine bliss of favour.

* If you can see it, you can have it.

* Dont bury your future in yesterdays grave of failure.

* Greater problem is the greater ladder to your success.

* Failure helps you recognize the opportunities of success.

* Money is not as evil as some will want us to believe. It answers mans social needs, yet not everything requires money. So money can fail and at such times, favour is the only currency that can bail you out of shame.

* You need critics and critics need you too, because you cant rise without being criticized.

* A man is not poor because he has no money but he is poor because he has no idea.

* What goes into your mind affects your thinking, your thinking affects your performance, and your performance affects your future.